City Peaks

London based design firm Digit has decided to spice up their office routine by adding some real world competition and fitness to their daily routines with an in-house project City Peaks that "makes mountain ranges out of staircases"

The game is powered by a combination of NFC Oyster Cards, some Arduinos and a backend service that enables employees to compete against employees in a race up the office stairs after lunch and online through their progress up virtual mountains and local London buildings.

Make mountain ranges out of staircases: City Peaks

"players swipe their Oyster cards on readers at the bottom and top of the office staircase that record how far and fast they climb. Each player logs in online to start their climbing mission. Climbers are represented as flags on the faces of iconic London buildings, visualised as mountains. The first climber to place their flag on the summit conquers the mountain; then everyone’s scores are recorded, and the whole group moves to an even taller peak."

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Image Credits: Digit

Via: CreativeApplications

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