Meet Eve

I would like to introduce you to EVE. At her core EVE is an Open hardware add-on for the Raspberry Pi that enables you to connect and control your own suite of wireless things.

We see EVE as the genesis of a new way to connect your digital world. We don't want her to be owned by any single person, organisation or body – EVE is about YOU and what YOU want to connect and control.

Ciseco the company behind the project likes to take a "one size will not fit all" view in terms of which wireless connectivity options will lead the IoT into fruition and the device will instead support just about all of them in some form or another. The available pre-built board will support/include:

  • 433Mhz or 868-915Mhz RFM12B module (connects to JeeNode wireless networks, Open Energy Monitor, X10, Bye Bye Standby, Current Cost, etv)
  • Z-Wave module (home automation products)
  • EnOcean module (energy harvesting devices)
  • XBee shaped module (Bluetooth, 802.15.4, Zigbee, LLAP, WiFi (RNXV), RF Bee, etc)
  • USB support for: UMTS, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, X10 and others
  • Support via Ethernet for: IP to local networks, connection to the Internet, twitter, emails, etc
In addition to the connectivity features, EVE also focuses on the ownership and security issues of the data that is being produced by the networked devices in your life.
As people are now discovering their data (music, pictures etc.) once uploaded can become the property of others (iTunes, Flickr etc.). By avoiding the Cloud, You keep your data. All your digital life is stored and processed locally on your own hardware. Would you want a third party knowing that you have left the lights on at home because you are out shopping?

Because of the Rasberry Pi's processing and storage capabilities you are dealing not with just a simple gateway device but a full fledged connected computer that you own and can interact with quickly and locally.

The ultimate end goal for EVE is to become a consumer ready system available for use in any home, but in the meantime the team is looking for backers (£15,000 goal) on Kickstarter to release and manufacturer the hardware and enable work on software and additional architecture development (All of which will be available under an open-source license).

Meet Eve: Rasberry Pi Wireless Development Hardware

The team has set up a development forum for the project if you have any questions or you can see the full set of specs or back the project on Kickstarter here.

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