Sapphire OS

Open Wireless Development Platform

Sapphire OS is a new wireless development platform created and manufactured by a team out of Austin,Texas.

The Sapphire platform is 100% open source (hardware schematics and layouts under a CC license) and combines “flexible low cost hardware, a lightweight but powerful embedded operating system, and network connectivity tools to help you connect anything to everything.

Breaking the individual components down a little bit the system features:

Blue Sapphire hardware:

  • ATMega128RFA1 combined microcontroller with a built-in 2.4 GHz radio
  • 8 digital inputs/outputs and 8 analog inputs
  • Launching with 3 development add-on shields (Ethernet, Multiboard (LED, temp, light, button), and Protoboard)

Operating System:

  • Can create a mesh network.
  • Connect with Python, REST, or with your own API.
  • Automatic Sapphire device discovery.
  • Time synchronization and AES security built-in.


  • “Sapphire comes with a variety of Python based connectivity tools which connect the key-value system to an extensible central message bus. The device server connects your hardware to the bus. The Automaton helps you script interactions between anything connected to the bus. A RESTful API server provides a convenient interface for web applications.”

Chromatron light control, a smoke alarm that sends your phone notification alerts, and a distributedtemperature sensing system that sends its data to Cosm for tracking and display.

Open Wireless Development Platform: Sapphire OS

Open Wireless Development Platform: Sapphire OS

More details about the platform can be found at: or by watching the team’s product pitch in the video embedded below.

Additional: Kickstarter page, Github
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Sapphire OS

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