Pedestrian and vehicular analytics with Meshlium Xtreme

Libelium the creators of Waspmote have developed a new capability within their Meshlium Xtreme multiprotocol router that is able to detect any smartphone, laptop or networked device (including the ability to say if the smartphone is using an Iphone or Android OS) which comes into the coverage area.

The system uses a combination of signals from the areas Wifi and Bluetooth activity to do this including gathering a passing devices:

  • MAC address (These are not associate with a specific user account or mobile phone number)
  • Strength of signal (RSSI) - This can give distance measurements
  • The Wifi Access Point (if any) and the Bluetooth friendly name.
  • The Class of Device (CoD) in case of Bluetooth which allows the ability to differentiate the type of device (Smartphone, Handsfree, Computer, LAN/Network AP) and if the signal is coming from a pedestrian or car.
Pedestrian and vehicular analytics with Meshlium Xtreme

With this technology it is possible to monitor vehicle speed levels and feed that information into traffic management systems, or use it for pedestrian analytic systems for monitoring the number of people passing through an intersection or visiting a certain store or location.

You can learn more about the device and this detection capability at: