Snap the Internet to anything

LittleBits, maker of electronic prototyping components that snap together magnetically, recently added Internet of Things capabilities to their product library with cloudBit. Released online in July and at retail via a partnership with RadioShack in August, the thumb drive-sized module adds Internet connectivity to any littleBits project.

Using IFTTT and the littleBits cloud, users can program automated behaviors for their littleBits creations and control them remotely. The company hosts a database of original and user-created projects, with instructions for using cloudBit in everything from remote door locks to baby monitors to automatic fish feeders.

Smart DIY Prototyping Kit: cloudBit
Smart DIY Prototyping Kit: cloudBit
Smart DIY Prototyping Kit: cloudBit

The brains of cloudBit are housed in a tiny Linux computer running on a Freescale i.MX23 ARM926EJ-S processor with 64MB of RAM, which is connected to a small wifi adapter. Use your browser to connect to the cloudBit and point it toward your home wifi network; from there it will connect itself to the littleBits cloud. For power, cloudBit comes with a USB power module, USB cord, and AC adapter. Those new to littleBits can also purchase a Cloud Starter Kit that includes a handful of other basic prototyping modules and the kit can be further customized using the services API or Arduino module add-on.

Look for cloudBit and other littleBits modules at retail, or online at Learn more in the video below.

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