Know When a Hit is Too Hard

Developed in 2011 by Danny Crossman and Scott Clark the Shockbox sensor system is a Bluetooth enabled device that can attach to a helmet and provide immediate feedback on intensity of a hit and keep a history of head impact data for each player.

The 5" long sensor can be fitted onto different types of helmets (hockey, lacrosse, football or skiing) using velcro or adhesive tape. Once attached the sensor and smartphone app combination can:

  • Assess the magnitude and direction of a hit.
  • Keep counts of hits and concussion symptoms for each player over time.
  • Send out a color-coded alert to your mobile device or by SMS or email based on specific impacts:
    - A yellow alert when the system detects a 50g (peak G linear acceleration) impact force.
    - An orange alert when any force of 90g or above is detected (According to the companies research most concussions appear to occur between 70-100g of acceleration to the head).

Currently in Little League Baseball there has been a widely adopted set of "pitch count" standards to stem an increase in elbow and shoulder injuries in young athletes. There are now a number of organizations trying to implement "hit count" standards in other youth sports to reduce the risk of concussion and brain damage from sub-concussive blows and impact sensor systems like Shockbox could play an integral role of tracking the information.

Smart Helmet Sensors: Shockbox

More details about the device can be found at: or by viewing the product pitch video below:

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Image Credits: Impakt Protective Inc