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Chirp is a new way to connect devices using sound.

chirpio-logo1Chirp is a new application from London-based Animal Systems that lets users share images, contacts or links using only sound.

The distinctive noise of a "chirp"—half-bird, half-robot—was designed to work on any device that makes sound. It works even on a busy street or in a pub.

“Devices that were previously not connected to the internet can now be used to send information over the air,” explains CEO and founder Patrick Bergel.

The system has been designed for many situations where it would be impractical to use existing network technologies. The team imagines doorbells, saxophones, ATMs and car horns all being able to utilize the service. Other features include the ability for more than one person to receive a chirp at once (over a PA system, radio, YouTube movie, etc.) and a planned API to enable developers to make new kinds of communication apps for the platform.

Chirp is currently available for iPhone on the App Store. Learn more about how it works at:

Teach the machines to sing: Chirp
Teach the machines to sing: Chirp



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