The Ultimate Arduino Compatible Development Board!

Following on from a recent successful crowdfunded campaign Portland based Digistump is at it again with their new development board DigiX.

With a $59 starting point and an impressive feature set the DigiX is trying to outshine its competition as the go-to Arduino compatible development board for your next project. Embedded low power WiFi (b/g/n) and nRF24L01-based mesh networking drive connectivity for the board. Some other notable specs for the system include:

  • 99 I/O Pins
  • 4x UARTs, 2x I2C, SPI, CAN Bus, 2x DAC, JTAG, DMA
  • Real-Time Clock
  • 84 MHz Clock Speed - 32-bit ARM Processor (AT91SAM3X8E)
  • Optional Level Shifting Shield - 3.3-5v converter
The DigiX works with all the existing Arduino Due code, is being released under an open source hardware license, and will also include a set of libraries for some popular IoT platforms like ThingSpeak, Xively, etc out of the box.
WiFi & Mesh Development Board: DigiX
You can watch the team's product pitch in the video embedded below, or view more detailed specs for the board at Digistump.com.

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