Wireless Dominos

Developed by Jarashi Suki and the IAMAS Ubiquitous Interaction Research Group in 2009, the tiles themselves set out to visualize invisible networks physically with electronic devices like dominoes (reminiscent of the Timo Arnall's Touch Project).

The piece won an award-winning at the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival and operates through a XBee RF modem and a metalmuscle actuator purchased from SparkFun.

Artists Description:

Esupadomino the wireless network which is connected between the block system in order dominoes will fall even though there is no physical contact. Each block, killing himself and receives a signal from the previous block, sending a signal to the next block, and determines that fell himself and according to simple rules that a chain of dominoes that down the block somewhere I start. The first force is made, how we conveyed away from our hands, as if invisible as if stored energy is remembered the strange sensation as if having just one super power. The complementary part of the imagination can not see the look on the whole relationship, "see something" you can feel how we have transmitted.

More of Suki's work can be found at: http://works.jarashi.tv/ or you can view a presentation from the Sketching in Hardware 11 workshop where Shigeru Kobayashi reviews the project and its developmenthere.

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