The Smart Water Bottle

BluFit is a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled water bottle designed to help track water intake and make sure you are staying hydrated enough to operate at your peak operating efficiency.

Developed by Jonathan Cook and David Morton out of Burlingame, CA the device takes information about a user's age, weight, and local environmental conditions (humidity and temperature levels) to create an optimal hydration profile for the bottle owner to follow.

Studies show that nearly half of Americans don’t drink enough water. Staying hydrated not only helps with your alertness, controlling appetite, improving activity and performance, but it also keeps everyday symptoms like fatigue, headaches and dry skin at bay.

Using a flow sensor embedded in the cap the BluFit bottle automatically records the time and amount of water consumed for every drink taken. This data is passed along to a user's smartphone and the product's cloud service to be tracked over time and compared to personalized goals.

If you are running behind your daily intake levels, push notifications and ambient LEDs embedded in the bottle's sleeve are there to gently remind you to keep chugging away.

The BluFit creators plan to release a developers API for their product so the bottle's hydration tracking data can also be integrated with other connected health and fitness devices currently on the market.

Bluetooth Bottle: BluFit
Bluetooth Bottle: BluFit
Bluetooth Bottle: BluFit

More details about the bottle can be found at: or in the product pitch video embedded below.

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Image Credits: Oleo Apps