Ultra-Small Bluetooth Location Stickers

The Stick-N-Find Bluetooth LE stickers are the product of engineer John Mitts, and others at SSI America a Contract Engineering and Consulting firm based in Florida and New York.

Currently fully funded and pre-selling on IndieGoGo (Until Jan 14th) StickNFinds are location stickers around the size of a quarter that you can attach to your Keys, TV remote, luggage (so you don't lose it or stand at baggage claim watching the same black bag go by in circles), and other easily misplaced items in your life.

The device has an operating range of 100 feet and a replaceable CR2020 watch battery that will last you about a year of use (based on 30min. a day use). The little stickers come paired with a smart phone app that features several operating modes to help you in your hunt. The first, is a radar screen that can tell you how far the item is away from you (it does not indicate a specific direction because the reading is generated based only on signal strength). The second is a "virtual leash" that will send out an alarm if the stickers move more than a predefined distance away from your phone.

The stickers also find room to fit a light and buzzing mechanism into the device package to act as additional indicators to help you track your lost items.

More details about the device can be found at: or you can watch the product pitch video below to see it in action.

Bluetooth Stickers StickNFind for mobile devices

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Image Credits: StickNFind

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