Connected Industry

A closer look at the emerging connected industry players and enabling services

IIoT Service Providers

Horizontal data management services and hardware for industrial applications

Litmus Automation

Litmus Automation offers an IoT cloud platform for industrial applications.


WorldSensing develops solutions for smart cities including parking management, and traffic and infrastructure monitoring.


Wi-Next develops an end-to-end industrial IoT platform.

B+B SmartWorx (Acquired by Advantech)

B+B SmartWorx (Acquired by Advantech) produces device connectivity and network infrastructure products for use in demanding environments.


Novaccess offers a horizontal end-to-end hardware and cloud platform along with a vertical smart city lighting solution.


IntelliSense.io provides a cloud platform for the natural resources industries with a focus on mining operations.

Sight Machine

Sight Machine offers a platform for manufactures.


KONUX develops end-to-end asset monitoring solutions.


A deeper dive into industrial verticals and their respective cloud service providers, and end-to-end device managers