Petzi makes a consumer pet device.

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Bringing you and your best friend closer together

Petzila is a company founded by David Clark and Simon Milner that wants to tap into the $55 billion dollar annual pet market and provide dog owners a way to remotely check-in on how their furry family members are doing throughout the day.

"Petzila envisions a world where pets and their owners can connect from anywhere at any time," said Clark in their product announcement, "PetziConnect is the first in a line of products from Petzila that will allow people to enjoy the strong emotional bond with their pets more often, as well as share those heart-warming experiences with their friends real time"

After plugging the PetzillaConnect into a standard AC wall outlet and authorizing it to use your home's Wi-Fi connection the device can then be used to interact with your animal via the onboard HD video camera or 2-way audio capabilities. If the dog is behaving itself you can reward it by dispensing a treat from the front of the device using your smartphone or the services online dashboard.

Connected Pet Device: Petzila
Device letting you connect with your dog remotely

More details about the device can be found at: or by watching the product pitch in the video below.

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