Feed Your Pet from Your Phone

Have you ever had to work late at the office, or received a late invite to a party only to hustle home or spend all night worrying about Fredo sitting at home looking at an empty dinner bowl?

Pintofeed is calling itself the "first intelligent pet feeder" and is looking to solve this vexing problem many pet owners face by enabling you to dispense a portion of your pet’s food and recieve a notification message back that assures your pet has been properly fed. All this from your smartphone or directly online.

The service uses Electric Imp technology to get the feeder online, and once conncected you can set automated feeding times, control seperate feeders for different pets, or share access with other members of your family or caretakers.
Device shipments are expected to begin in mid 2013 and cost $130. In the meantime visit: or follow @Pintofeed for the products latest developments.

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