Connected Industry and Enterprise IoT Application

2014/15 Internet of Things Awards

Industrial-scale operations demand smart solutions for managing and maintaining distributed networks of people, machines, and processes. The award for Industrial/Enterprise Application recognizes innovations that help with the heavy lifting.


Farmobile Farmobile

Farmobile’s Simplicity™ system puts farmers in control of their data. It’s the farmer’s data so farmers profit. It’s the farmer’s choice.

Condeco Sense Condeco Sense

Workspace management technology like Condeco helps companies, even those new to the concept of IoT, to continually and accurately measure how...

DAQRI’s Smart Helmet DAQRI’s Smart Helmet

DAQRI’s Smart Helmet is a wearable device that utilizes augmented reatlity and 4D technologies in an industrial environment. The helmet...


Spire Spire

Activity tracking for body and mind. Spire tracks your breathing patterns and activity for real time insights into your state of mind.

Perch - Co-presence for Teams Perch - Co-presence for Teams

At Perch, we believe that the more we can create opportunities for natural, face-to-face interactions, the more effective we will be at...

SmartPick SmartPick

Order picking was never made so easy & affordable. Armed with SmartGlasses a picker works fast, without errors and hands-free.

Semios Semios

Manage and Protect your Orchard. The Semios platform allows you to view and control your ranch in real-time.

Observant Observant

Observant provides a fully integrated farm information management platform. Our cloud based applications capture and manage all your farm...

TankScan TankScan

Want to see significant savings on your operational routes? TankScan® wireless tank monitoring lets you check fluid levels in multiple tanks,...

Enevo Enevo

Enevo ONe is a comprehensive logistics solution that saves time, money and the environment. It uses wireless sensors to measure and forecast the...

Belimo - Variable Air Volume Compact NFC Belimo - Variable Air Volume Compact NFC

The VAV-Compact is a cost-optimised unit comprising differential pressure sensor, controller and actuator. Simple, wireless connection via...

WellIntel WellIntel

With well water elevation information and trends you can see if your well and your pump are running as they should, or if they need attention from...