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The label “smart” often gets slapped onto any gadget with an embedded computer inside, but what really makes the Internet of Things intelligent is the ability for devices to act in concert, anticipating our needs and doing things for us without being told. And until our connected products can literally read our minds (trust me, they’re working on it), that typically means giving them a suite of preset instructions through a rules engine.

So far, most IoT rules engines have been situated at the enterprise scale, bundled into cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services IoT, ThingFabric and Waylay. When it comes to individual consumers,IFTTT has been the clear leader. But one of the latest entrants into this market, Stringify, offers a clean, intuitive and powerful user interface that could launch it to the forefront of user-centric IoT customization.

Where IFTTT’s “recipes” are collections of simple one-to-one rules (like “If there’s rain in the weather forecast, send me an email”), Stringify’s “flows” are built with a drag-and-drop interface that can link many different devices, apps and services at once. That means each instruction set looks less like a list of logical statements, and more like a flowchart — something a casual user can easily grasp by visualizing the connections.

Example Stringify Flow

When my Location is home and the front door Multi Sensor has been open for 20 minutes…
Then turn on the Hue in the entry way to blue and send me a Notification saying ‘The front door has been open for 20 minutes’…
Then Only If the Weather temperature outside is above 80…
Then set the Nest tempearture to 75 inside…
Or Only If the Weather temperature outside is below 50…
Then set the Nest temperature to 60 inside.

Stringify supports some of the biggest brands in connected tech, like Fitbit, Withings, LIFX and Hue. It also interfaces with dozens of social media channels, websites, and web platforms — everything from Flickr to Craigslist to Google Drive. And just in the last week the company has added heavy hitters Nest andAmazon Alexa to the list.

Former Cisco futurist Dave Evans is one of Stringify’s co-founders, alongside tech industry veterans Mike Yurochko and Yaron Sheba. That may be part of the reason for the rapid pace with which the company is expanding its industry partnerships, and for the $6.3 million in seed funding the company raised in April 2015.

The Stringify app is already available for iOS, with Android in the works. Check out the full list of integrations, and see some example flows, at

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