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HydroPoint 360

Lives Under Your Kitchen Sink. Sees All Your Water Use.

HydroPoint 360° is a single point sensor system that can be installed under a kitchen sink to help homeowners better understand their daily consumption habits throughout their entire home.

Built on Belkin Echo technology the device is installed on a homeowners cold water line and monitors vibrations that occur throughout the plumbing system to determine exactly which fixture or appliance is being used (e.g., toilet flush lasts ~60 seconds, dishwasher cycles, etc). This captured data can then be analyzed by machine learning algorithms to accurately calculate how much water each fixture is consuming, identify leaky pipes, alert a user to clogs or other upcoming issues, and recommended water saving options tailored to their specific usage patterns.

The product is going to be rolled out in large scale pilot programs later this year and is being targeted at everyday homeowners as well as building managers and water agencies looking to cut down and monitor resource use in 2014.

More details about HydroPoint 360° system can be found here

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