Reply SpA invests $5M in Sensoria

Digital consulting firm Reply SpA has invested $5 million in fitness wearables maker Sensoria, the companies announced last week. The series A funding gives Reply a 20 percent stake in Sensoria.

Headquartered in Redmond, Wash Sensoria’s products include socks with an embedded accelerometer and pressure sensor to help runners monitor their progress and improve their form. A strapless heart rate monitor embedded in shirts and sports bras round out the company's current product offerings.

While this is Sensoria’s first official round of VC funding, the company raised Angel rounds in 2013 and $115,882 during their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign last fall for their smart sock line.

The two companies have decided that wearables represent a key emerging interface for users to interact with Internet of Things products and services in everyday life. Reply plans to use its industry connections and consulting experience to promote Sensoria’s SDK and integrate wearables and biometrics into products across many IoT industries and their HI Replay platform (PDF).

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