Give your bike a brain.

Helios Bars are a product developed by a trio of San Francisco entrepreneurs that want to integrate GPS tracking and navigation, LED lighting and Bluetooth 4 to turn "any bike into a smart bike".

All Helios Bars come equipped with a GPS module that allows you slide in a pay-as-you-go SIM card to track your bike's location. When you need to get its last position you simply send your bike a text message and you'll receive a reply containing a Google Maps link pointing you to its location.

Because the Helios bars have GPS and Bluetooth on-board users can now use the technologies in combination with Google Maps to select their end route destination and have the bike offer simple turn-by-turn directions using blinking LEDs on the handlebars.

The bars additional lighting features include a 500 lumen headlight mounted on the front to increase a riders visibility and improve safety. Proximity lighting, smartphone control, and the ability to have the rear LEDs act as a visual speedometer by changing color depending on how fast you are moving are also options of the system.

Smart Handlebars: Helios

More details about the system can be found at: Ridehelios.com

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Via: Kickstarter