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The Sensoria Smart Sock is a product by Redmond based Heapsylon aimed at helping you become a better runner and prevent common injuries using a combination of Bluetooth connectivity, audio feedback mechanisms, and a suite of sensors.

At the core of the system are 3 pressure sensors embedded directly into a washable sock. A companion ankle device containing a 3-Axis accelerometer and altimeter attaches magnetically to the sock and transmits all of the captured data from the range of sensors to your smartphone for tracking and analysis.

Poor technique is often attributed to running injuries and the Sensoria system wants to help stem these issues by giving a user data on their particular running gait:

  • Cadence: Set a desired stride frequency range and you will receive audio cues when you are not matching up.
  • Foot Landing: The sensor devices can monitor in real time how your foot is landing on the ground and can detect if you are heel striking, running with a flatfoot, or in a way that could eventually lead to back pain, etc.
  • Social: The option to share and compare your running data with people that have similar running styles or goals.

Most of the tenets of good running form are universally agreed upon by coaches, athletes, physiologists, form gurus and shoe designers: an upright postural alignment with a slight forward tilt, a compact arm swing and short strides that result in a cadence of 180 steps per minute or higher.

The team will be expanding the sensor technology and algorithms to other sports and activities and will be working on releasing a developer API for the devices in the near future.


Smart Sock: Sensoria Fitness
Smart Sock: Sensoria Fitness
Smart Sock: Sensoria Fitness

You can learn more details about the system at: or watch the sensor sock gait mapping in action in the video below.

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Smart Sock

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