Water quality has been in the news recently, with troubling revelations that what comes out of the tap in some communities isn’t safe to drink. While no home filtration system can protect against a truly broken municipal water supply, the Ecomo smart filter offers a little peace of mind to those who want to be sure of what’s in their local water.

Filter Close-up

Like many in-home filters, Ecomo attaches to the kitchen faucet. As water flows through, sensors in the device analyze it for heavy metals, bacteria, pH, harmful chemicals and other hazards. A color-coded LED ring gives instant feedback on water quality, and a mobile app offers detailed data and recommendations — including which of several included filters to use for optimal water.

Ecomo’s photovoltaic exterior provides solar power, while the interior hardware relies on microfluidics — technologies for precisely controlling the flow of tiny amounts of liquid — which CEO Eric (Zhiqiang) Liworked on at Carnegie Mellon.

Ecomo is still in development, and you can sign up for a chance at beta access at the company’swebsite. While an Internet-connected faucet filter won’t solve all the world’s water woes, a device that adds some transparency to water quality will be a welcome innovation for those who can afford it — and who can afford to wait.

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