SpotLoss Key Locator

Never lose your most important possessions again.

The SpotLoss Fob is a Bluetooth locator and proximity alarm system that can help you track down your items around the house:

Product Description:

The SpotLoss Fob allows you to press a button on the fob to find your phone, or a button on your phone to find your fob. Additionally, it is a proximity alert system. You can be notified by the fob or by your cellphone (or computer) if the two devices become more than 50 meters apart, or conversely come within 50 meters of each other.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4
  • Notifications; Get texts or emails about proximity events, and adjust with vibrations or a variety of noise pitches
  • Range: 50 Meters (164 feet)
  • Number of Tags: Connect up to 10 devices
  • Battery: Replaceable coin cell battery (Expected life 1 year)
  • Size: 5.6 x 3.0 x 1.5 cm


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