Wireless Wallet TrackR

Never Lose Your Wallet Again

The Wallet TrackR is a Bluetooth 4.0 locator and alarm system created by Phone Halo (the same team that launched CobraTag) that can help you track down your lost wallet or any other decice you decided to attach the device to:

Product Description:

The Wallet TrackR fits easily into any wallet - just like a credit card. When combined with the free Wallet TrackR iPhone app, it becomes a powerful new tool to keep you from losing your wallet. When the Wallet TrackR gets separated from your iPhone or iPad, the Wallet TrackR app gently alerts you that you may be leaving your wallet behind.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4
  • Map: The App remembers the location and time you separated from your Wallet TrackR and can show you on a map.
  • Sounds: If you forget your wallet, the App will play your favorite song and the Wallet TrackR will beep before you get too far.
  • Battery: Replaceable Coin Cell (The batteries should last approximately 18 months)
  • Operating Range: 100 feet
  • Size: Width: 4.1cm, Length: 6.8cm, Thickness: 3.8mm


Wireless Wallet TrackR

More details about the device can be found at: Wallettrackr.com/

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