for people who want peace of mind—without cameras at home

Point is the latest home security device to focus on sound, rather than cameras, for keeping tabs on suspicious or alarming activity. It’s the first product from Form Devices, part of the recent class of startups at the Haxlr8r hardware accelerator program in Shenzhen.

Combining environmental sensors with audio analysis, Point can monitor for various kinds of smoke (cigarette versus a house fire), changes in air quality (temperature, humidity), and the sound of unusual activity (a window breaking, a loud party, other alarms going off). It can alert people in the home with lights and sounds, and push notifications to users’ mobile devices over WiFi.

Point’s behavior can be customized, so some alerts go only to mobile while others are broadcast across the full spectrum. There are also two alert levels: Yellow can be a gentle reminder like “Please don’t smoke in the house” or “Please keep the noise down after 10 pm,” while red indicates an emergency that requires immediate attention. The device is also capable of determining if it’s been taken down or stuffed in a cupboard by an unruly houseguest.

Audio Smart Home Security: Point
Point smart home security device
Point smart home security device

Audio data is processed right on the device, so raw audio recordings never leave the house. Only when an alert is triggered will the corresponding “processed audio” enter the cloud. Raw data from the environmental sensors does go to the cloud service, however. Form Devices will give beta users exclusive access to their API, and will open it to the rest of the world once the early kinks are worked out.

Point is already funded on Kickstarter, with the campaign running through Dec. 4. Devices are planned to ship in July 2015.

Check out the video below to learn more.

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