During the years spent as a Mountaineering Guide, there was always a desire to capture snapshots of a day on the trail, especially early morning peak ascents. In a pre-digital age the labor of changing out film along with the limited number of shots per roll made this nearly impossible. There was, also, the bulkiness and invasive nature of a decent camera. With the looks of the Oxford Metrics Group’s (OMG) new camera, the Autographer, it is made for this kind of hands-off, automated and candid approach to photography.

The Autographer camera uses GPS and five sensors that measure environmental cues to take quality images without you ever touching a thing. The lens is a fixed 136-degree wide-angle, so there is a bit curvature and warp to each snapshot. Images can look like a view of the world from a surgical endoscopy.

Autographer - Filling the Space Between Instgram and GoPro

The physical design means you can wear it around your neck like a press badge, strap it to a bag, or string it up in a stationary location. Less static than a GoPro or tripod, the design encourages a more casual, keychain-like carry. Wherever you hang it, the image count is adjustable, allowing you to control the number of shots it takes in a given run with it’s full-day charge capabilities.

OMG says it is will change how we experience photography,

"where moments are captured without intervention. The user can live the experience while Autographer spontaneously captures the stories that unfold.”

In essence, the Autographer removes the labor while creating candidness of visually documenting an event, adventure, or simply a day of living. Autographer fills a niche that is somewhere between the prolific Instagramer and the Professional GoPro user, or maybe it's just the human version of a Google Maps camera car.

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  • PC Mag - 3.3/5
  • Forbes - Generally Positive