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Parrot Pot

The most advanced connected plant pot

Move over, terra cotta: The flowerpot of the future has arrived. Parrot Pot, unveiled earlier this month at CES, combines environmental sensors and automatic watering to create a sleek and happy home for indoor and outdoor plants.

The Paris-based company also revealed an update to its Flower Power sensor, which can be stuck in the ground near a plant to monitor temperature, sunlight, soil moisture and fertilizer levels; the new version allows almost any screw-top water bottle to be attached as a reservoir for automatic watering.

Parrot Pot includes the same sensor suite as Flower Power, and a 2.2 liter reservoir and water pump are built into the walls of the pot itself. It promises a year of battery life.

The pot connects over Bluetooth, and sensor data is available through a mobile app. A cloud-based decision engine helps the pot analyze your plant’s wellbeing and learn its exact watering needs over time; it will also suggest gardening tips and remind users when the water tank needs refilling. Other than that, your plant will basically grow itself.

Bluetooth Planter: Parrot Pot
Bluetooth Planter: Parrot Pot
Bluetooth Planter: Parrot Pot

We don’t often hear an Internet of Things product described as “dishwasher-safe”. But considering that Parrot Pot is essentially a self-contained irrigation system, it’s no surprise it can stand up to a thorough scrubbing. It’s also hardy enough for outdoor use (though it might be a problem if the water reservoir freezes).

Parrot Pot and Flower Power H2O will be released some time in 2015.

See the video below to learn more.

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