Giving plants a voice!

Using the Botanicalls system, your plants can call you on the phone when they need watering, and even call to thank you when they are satisfied.

From their site:

"Botanicalls opens a new channel of communication between plants and humans, in an effort to promote successful inter-species understanding.

The Botanicalls project is fundamentally about communication between plants and people. We are empowering both by inventing new avenues of interaction. Plants that might otherwise be neglected are given the ability to call and text message people to request assistance. People who are unsure of their ability to effectively care for growing things are given visual and aural clues using common human methods of communication."
The project allows Making a connection between people and plants by exploring and visualizing people's emotional connection to plants and the ways plants help humans

The next phase of the system will include new features like a light sensor, display, ambient sensors, output to the web and email, as well as calls to your personal cell phone.

View the complete project details on their site: Botanicalls

Via: Oreilly Radar