Since Quirky spun off its smart home app, Wink, into a separate company earlier this year, the company is quickly developing into a flourishing ecosystem thanks also to partnerships that allow Wink to control third-party devices from dozens of leading manufacturers. Two products in particular help to place Wink at the center of a smart home: Wink Relay and the Wink Hub.

Wink Relay is a wall panel that replaces a traditional lightswitch with a miniature command center for all the connected devices in the house. It features a 4.3-inch LED touchscreen running the Wink app, which means you can keep your phone in your pocket, and has two programmable physical buttons that can each control a whole constellation of devices and behaviors throughout the house with a single touch. Relay also acts as a hub for WiFi, Zigbee and Bluetooth devices.

Wink Connected Home Ecosystem on the wall
Wink Connected Home Ecosystem

For homes with a wider variety of devices, the Wink Hub is a base station that connects over a large number of protocols, from WiFi and Bluetooth to Zigbee and Z-Wave, and even including lesser-known options like Lutron and ClearConnect. Some devices require the hub to mediate between the device and the Wink app on a user’s phone, while others can be controlled directly.

Wink Connected Home Ecosystem

Other recent additions to Quirky’s smart home lineup include:

Norm - Smart thermostat controlled through the Wink app. Has the expected features like smart schedules, geofencing, and remote controls to keep the house is at a comfortable temperature while you’re home without wasting energy while you’re not. Can also be connected to other sensor devices for more fine-tuned control over different areas of the home.

Ascend - Controls your garage door from anywhere with a tap of a screen, and supports multiple users. Sends alerts so you always know of comings and goings in your home, and whether you or a family member left the door open.

Tapt - Programmable wall switches for all the smart devices in your life. Control lights, window blinds, air conditioners, door locks, and more with a single touch.

Outlink - Smart wall socket that tracks energy usage. Power flow to your plugged-in appliances can be set to a schedule or controlled remotely.

Spotter UNIQ - Mix-and-match update to Quirky’s Spotter sensor. Swap in any four of six sensor options, and use the data to keep tabs on your home and trigger other smart devices.

Adding to Quirky’s own product lineup are the more than a dozen Wink-compatible partners, including home monitoring and security giants like Honeywell and Schlage as well as appliance makers like GE and Phillips. With so many options for automation and connectivity, Wink already has the power to drive a fully-connected “home of the future.”

Wink Connected Home Ecosystem
Wink Connected Home Ecosystem mobile app

Check out the example of a Wink whole-home solution in the video below, and see more at

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