Intel to buy Lantiq as it looks ahead to the connected home

Intel announced today it will acquire German chipmaker Lantiq, which specializes in wired and wireless broadband technologies, for an undisclosed amount. The former Infineon unit was purchased by private equity firm Golden Gate Capital for 250 million euros ($280 million) in 2009.

Lantiq makes SoC “system-on-a-chip” components for communication technologies spanning wired ethernet, DSL, Wi-Fi and more. Its products show up in routers, gateways, and other access points where devices connect to the infrastructure of the Internet.

The Internet of Things is expanding the number of devices that need to be connected in each home, and the demands on access points is increasing accordingly. Intel continues to expand its reach up the stack and plans to draw on Lantiq’s expertise in this area to design router and gateway technologies (Intel's current IoT gateway offering) for the specific needs of the IoT: seamless connection and communication nodes between multitudes of smart devices.

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