A physical interactive counterpart to public transport apps

Superclock is a proof-of-concept for an Internet-connected clock that does more than simply tell the time. No, it’s not a real-life version of the wizard clock from Harry Potter that always knows where your loved ones are (you must be thinking of Magic Clock). Instead, Superclock always knows when your next train is coming.

The inner dial shows a normal analog clock face, with the expected three hands that move in time with, well...time. What Superclock adds is a pair of concentric dials outside the ring of numbers. Each one rotates automatically to indicate the next train on the route you’ve selected for it. Whenever the extra long minute hand catches up, the dial skips ahead to the next scheduled departure. That makes it easy to see when you need to rush out the door.

There’s also an interactive component. Say you’ll be ready to leave in half an hour. Rotate the appropriate dial forward 30 minutes, and it will automatically adjust to show you the first train leaving after that time.

Internet Enabled Clock: Superclock
Internet enabled clock that integrates with public transit schedule
Internet Enabled Clock: Superclock

Superclock is a collaboration between three young European designers. Though still in the early stages, they plan to make the clock compatible with train, metro, and bus schedules in many cities -- though one might hope that it would eventually be able to pull data from other kinds of timetables, such as airline flights or integration with cloud-based calendars.

For now the trio is hard at work on both hardware and software and will present their idea at Betapitch|Berlin on Friday, May 2 that is part of our friendsThingscon event.

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