Knut (Pronounced kah-noot) is a Wi-Fi sensor hub currently seeking Kickstarter funding for finalizing smartphone app development (Iphone, Windows, Android) and picking up the raw materials for production.

The device was created by two Boston based friends Richard Pasek and Jay Gondelman and was originally conceived after the two needed to create a custom monitoring controller for an aquarium they were building together and quickly realized how their technology could be applied across a range of applications.

Knut uses email to send and receive data, has a high accuracy temperature sensor and a battery level sensor built-in and can be expanded with additional external sensors (Humidity, vibration, door, water proof temperature, 3-Axis Accelerometer and water presence) via a 3-port hub.

Some sample applications include cigar box humidity tracking and home or aquarium temperature monitoring:

Knut: Wi-Fi Sensor Hub
Wi-Fi Sensor Hub

Additional Notes:

  1. Alerts and monitoring setting can be updated and managed for the Knut via an app or a web page stored on the device
  2. Knut connects to the internet using commonly available Wi-Fi.
  3. Security: WEP-64, WEP-128, WPA, WPA2
  4. Battery: 2 AAA
  5. Range: 100 meters. Obstructions (such as walls) will reduce range

Help the project reach its remaining funding goals on Kickstarter ($10,000 towards $25k as of 5/23/2012) or track the latest development news @myknut or on their blog.