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Flower Power

An incredible sensor that assesses your plants' needs and sends alerts to your smarthphone

Parrot, the company well-known for their AR Drone has branched out into the home sensor market with their Flower Power wireless plant monitoring system.

With an indoor/outdoor design resembling a plastic stalk and using Bluetooth 4.0 for communication the system can monitor the amount of sunlight your plant is receiving, its temperature, humidity and soil salinity levels and send this data about its growing conditions back to your smartphone or tablet.

Plant Smart Sensor: Flower Power

An extensive plant care library of over 6000 species comes with the app so you can be sure of getting optimal growing conditions for your favorite potted friend. Notifications can be set when you need to bring your plant indoors for the winter or if it is not getting enough sunlight in its new location.

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Image Credits: Parrot


  • Indoor / Outdoor use and database of 7000 plants
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 6 months battery life
  • Sensors include (Capacitive sensor for soil humidity, Conductive sensor for the fertiliser, Light, Soil and air temperature sensor, Movement detector)