Smart alarm clocks

The Smart alarm clocks are research artefacts that aim at exploring the issues of intelligibility and control of Internet of Things applications. Three interaction mockups of an alarm clock augmented by new functions have been designed and showcased during Bell Labs France Open Days in May 2012:

  • A hacked alarm clock, working in conjunction with a terminal
  • A redesigned alarm clock, embodying the applications as tangible motorized buttons
  • A modular alarm clock, embodying the applications as tangible modules

Built with Arduino boards and paper to be quickly tested by users, they reflect the potential conflicts, tensions and ambiguity brought about by the interconnection of the physical and digital worlds.

6 applications were implemented:

  • an agenda app that automatically sets your alarm
  • a traffic jam app that modify your alarm according to specific events
  • a music app that streams a playlist instead of the radio
  • a podcast app that downloads and plays your favorite show
  • a social app that blogs when you wake up and
  • a weather app that reads you the forecast

The most simple use case scenario was realized in order to open up the discussion with people and let them envision the new mechanisms brought about by the Internet connectivity. It allowed to work on criteria to improve the intelligibility and control of applications and to answer a part of the issues related to the design of new augmented objects

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