Smart Event Clock

map events to a traditional wall clock

The 'Event Clock' is a project created by Victor Johansson (@victordons) as part of his industrial design thesis 'Connected Interactions' that aims to move some of our digital lives and scheduling away from glass screens and make that information more accessible by embodying it into our everyday objects and environment.

The Internet enabled Event Clock has been designed with two extra hands. These hands can be managed from a web dashboard to display any event or setting from your calendar that you would like. Tune one to display your real-time local bus or subway schedule to let you know when you need to leave your home in the morning, track when you need to take your medications, or be pinned to your a specific category of your calendar.

Since people turn to the wall clock to see what time it is, and how much time they have until their appointment, bus and so on then why not display just that. A clock that displays their next appointment, bus departure, and any other time-related event.
Innovative web enabled clock
Smart Event Clock

More of Victor's work can be found by visiting or you can see the Event Clock in action in the video below.

Image Credits: Victor Johansson
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