HUI! is the latest addition to the growing lineup of smart gardening sensors. The acronym stands for Huerto Urbano Inteligente — Spanish for "Intelligent Urban Garden" — and the sensors have a low-tech look that should fit right in among rooftop gardens or balcony planter boxes in even the most hipster-infested neighborhoods.

Behind the chalkboard face of the device is an enclosed plastic box with sensors for soil moisture, temperature and sunlight. HUI works outdoors as long as it can connect to Wi-Fi (based on the low-cost ESP8266 module), and is expected to run for up to two years on a pair of AA batteries.

HUI's companion app lets gardeners select the type of plant they're growing, and then uses data from the sensor to provide tips and reminders to keep it properly watered and healthy. Users can also let the sensor spend a day analyzing the soil and environmental conditions to get recommendations of plants that will grow well. It's all based on an expanding database that includes vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and flowers.

The designers of HUI intend for the app to learn from its users, so that it will be able to provide more detailed and useful information over time. They're building in machine-learning and voice recognition so it can be a sort of voice-activated assistant that will be able to help diagnose growing problems, tailor a garden's produce to specific dietary needs, and more.

HUI is raising production funds on Kickstarter through Nov. 23, and should ship by January 2016. Learn more in the video below.

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