Smart home security device for everyone.

Created by Adam Sager, Chris Rill, Jon Troutman and their New York City based team Canary is a small 6"x3" connected device looking to disrupt the home security industry using its suite of built-in sensors and pattern recognition software.

According to the company false burglar alarms account for up to 99% of total home security alerts nation-wide with many people eventually turning off their systems completely due to overzealous notifications settings and high monitoring subscription fees. Canary was designed to give a feature set that can be turned off to fit a user's specific needs for their home.

Using your home's WiFi network for connectivity Canary is outfitted out of the box with the following hardware:

  • Wide-angle HD video camera with night vision
  • Microphone, speakers and a siren for audio engagement
  • 3-axis accelerometer and a passive infrared motion detection system
  • Temperature, humidity and air quality sensors

Live video, audio, and sensor feeds can be streamed and tracked remotely by a user from multiple devices. Once setup the system begins to learn from a home's activity levels (ex: if you have a pet) and a users behavior over time to cut back on unnecessary alerts and notifications.

The app and primary service are free to use with optional upgrade plans that includes a call-center service, additional data backup, etc. An API for the device is also in the works by the company.

Smartphone Home Monitoring: Canary

More details about the system can be found at: or by watching the Canary product pitch in the video below.

mage Credits: Canary
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