Spark Labs raises $4.2M in series A funding

Spark Labs, maker of the Spark Core development kit, yesterday announced $4.2 million in new Series A funding, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Lion Wells capital led the funding round, with O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, SOSventures, and Collaborative Fund joining in. Spark had previously raised $700,000 from HAXLR8R, SOSventures, and angel investors, and in 2013 brought in more than half a million dollars from a very modest Kickstarter campaign following their first attempt using the technology at the end of 2012 for a smart light socketlaunch.

Postscapes readers will remember Spark for its Open Source Nest project, built with a Spark Core development kit. The company has now unveiled a cloud-based Spark OS and Spark Server software, also open-source, to create an accessible ecosystem for building Internet of Things products.

Check out the company’s latest video to learn more about its new offerings and its vision for the IoT.