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We're casting a new light on the connected home

It’s becoming more apparent every day that technology is getting further integrated into our daily environments. Your car adjusts its breaks so you don't go sliding off the road, starts remotely, unlocks when you come near, and turns its wipers on when it rains. In your home you can now remotely control your lights, garage and doorlocks. So, in this world of streamlined, automated technology, why do I have seven different remotes sitting on my coffee table? Come to think of it, why are there so many switches, dials, and buttons to be flipped, turned and pressed when I arrive home? Well, mostly it’s because nobody has figured out a cost effective way to combine these all or make them automatic.

Ube may just be the solution to that

Ube - Its a remote control, for your entire house.
Ube - Its a remote control, for your entire house.

It’s a mobile app, combined with a series of IP based plugs and dimmers devices that enable you to use a smart phone to control your home. The UI on the Ube app will allow you to automate functions like turning lights on or off when you arrive home, control other devices directly through the phone itself over your existing WiFi connection, and give you information on electricity usage, temperature, etc.

We want to create a platform for dramatically simplifying control of the connected home utilizing mobile technology and cloud computing

At this year's Demo 2012, Ube was award the People's Choice award worth $1 million in IDG media funds which sounds like a green light to get the ball rolling on a project. Details on pricing, availability, and what types of products will be supported on the Ube platform are still hazy but in the meantime you can head over to Ube website or the Ube FAQ for more details as they arrive.