Tempo is a stylish smart thermometer from UK tech firm Blue Maestro. It records and stores the previous 24 hours of temperature data, and sends the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the free Tempo app, you can also set alerts for if the temperature goes above or below certain thresholds. Tempo is weatherproof and runs on AA batteries.

Ah, simplicity! While it’s not loaded with features, Tempo looks like an elegant and minimalist solution, whether you’re trying to keep plants healthy, keep people comfortable, or just cut down on energy bills. And there is one nice added touch for usability: the app can read its data aloud for the visually impaired.

Future versions of Tempo will also record humidity and barometric pressure, according to Blue Maestro’s blog. And the company is working on a number of other, as-yet-unspecified products in the realm of health and environmental monitoring.

Bluetooth Smart Thermometer: Tempo
Bluetooth temperature system: Tempo
Bluetooth Smart Thermometer: Tempo

Have a look at Tempo in the video below.

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