Leeo Alarms

The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight provides a connectivity solution for “dumb” smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, without having to replace those devices outright with their “smart” counterparts.

It’s a simple solution, really. Leeo does what you would, if you were home all the time: react to the sound of an alarm. When the right frequency and pattern of sound are detected, Leeo will send app notifications and/or call your phone. If you don’t respond, it will start to contact friends and family you’ve set as backups. And when you or a loved one gets the message, the Leeo app lets you double-check for a false alarm by listening in on the noise that triggered it, and then call emergency services with a single tap.

Leeo is a small device that plugs directly into an outlet for “always-on” reliability (well, as reliable as the power grid at least) and connects over WiFi. The app is available for iOS with an Android version on the way. In addition to alarm notifications, Leeo can track climate data with its built-in temperature, humidity and light sensors, and has a dimmable LED nightlight with 16 million color options.

Retrofit Smart Safety Alarm: Leeo

Leeo costs about as much as a brand new smart smoke alarm like Nest Protect, but for homes with multiple alarms it can be much easier and cheaper to add one device than to replace several. However, Leeo needs to be able to hear an alarm in the first place, so some homes may need more than a single device -- the developers recommend one Leeo per floor.

Learn more or pick one up at Leeo.com.

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