Turn your bed into a smart bed

Beddit is a sleep tracking device that is uses a thin-film sensor strip placed on your mattress in combination with your phone to help you create a nightly rest profile and help you improve your sleep over time.

Created in collaboration with a Helsinki sleep clinic called VitalMed, the Beddit device relies on ballistocardiography (BCG) data captured from the embedded sensor to measure the mechanical forces caused by your respiration, heartbeat, and body movements throughout the night.

Using Bluetooth for connectivity the device automatically forwards the collected sensor information from the sensor strip to be combined with additional light and noise level input captured using your smartphone's built-in sensors to create a complete sleep timeline/profile for the previous night's sleep.

The Beddit smartphone app will award a user a sleep quality score based on this information and offer personalized coaching tips to help improve your sleep quality levels or notify you if it has detected any unusual trends.

Designed to be used with more than one person in a bed the system also provides a "smart alarm clock" option to wake a person up at an optimal time within their sleep cycle and allotted alarm time.

More details about Beddit and the peer reviewed science behind the device can be found at: or by watching the team's product pitch in the video below.
Sleep Sensor: Beddit

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