automate your sleep journal

The Lark is a wristband sleep tracker that measures subtle body movements (Tracking method is called Actigraphy) to monitor your nightly sleep cycle and sync the data online via Bluetooth and a smartphone app. We look at the device in more detail below:

Product Description:

The first, patent-pending silent un-alarm clock and sleep sensor. An entirely new way to wake up.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Sleep:Using actigraphy sleep tracking technology the device are service provides you with an app and online automated sleep journal/sleep data summary with the ability to tag "triggers" & moods and make benchmark data comparisons.
  • Alarm: Features a vibration ability to gently nudge you awake without bugging anyone else.
  • Coach: For a $60/year service the device can be upgrade to evaluate your sleep patterns and provided coaching tips to improve your sleep based on the data gathered.
  • Sensor: Accelerometer
  • Battery: 48 hours (50mAh capacity) Micro USB connector (male)
  • Size: 1.9 x 4.4 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces


Sleep wrist band: Lark
Sleep wrist band

More details and specs about the device can be found at: