Weathercloud Social Network

Weathercloud bills itself as “an ambitious real-time weather social network for observers from around the world.” Created by entrepreneurs in Barcelona, the network is free to use and draws on a combination of public weather feeds (from airports and research stations) and data from users’ own weather stations.

The platform allows user to store, view and graph historical data generated by their own equipment — it’s compatible with sensors from a dozen manufacturers, running a variety of weather-tracking software. There’s also a map that anyone can browse to discover data from thousands of stations from around the world, and “follow” the ones they’d like to receive updates from.

Dashboard View

It’s not clear exactly what Weathercloud’s business model is, but it’s a fair bet that all of the data being collected will be of value to weather-dependent sectors like tourism, ski resorts, and insurance companies. There are also hints that the dataloggers and other back-end technologies the team has created for the Weathercloud platform can be turned into customized solutions for companies or organizations that need to build out private sensor networks.

Weathercloud may also wind up in a branding battle with WeatherCloud, a Colorado startup that builds weather sensors for vehicles and offers similar cloud-based features.

Visit to learn more and get started sharing your own weather data.

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