Netatmo manufacturers and sells a line of consumer smart home devices for security, weather monitoring and energy management.

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Your personal weather network

Do your local weather forecasts not quite ever match up to the reality outside your kitchen window? Paris-based Netatmo is launching an "Urban Weather Program", which combines a $179 monitoring station with a suite of Android and iOS apps to give you a better glimpse into what environmental conditions are actually taking place inside and outside of your home. Eventually the team hopes to unite this data to create a wider network for weather and air quality data monitoring to share with scientists and people living in urban environments gain a better understanding of their day to day living conditions.

The Wi-Fi connected system is composed of two main stations. The first an indoor AC-powered cylinder that measures noise levels, CO2, humidity, and temperature. The second unit is a small outdoor cylinder powered by four AAA batteries that measures temperature and humidity levels.

Your personal weather network: Netatmo

An innovative feature of the indoor station is its ability to accurately monitor CO2 concentrations. When the C02 levels reach a certain level the user is sent an alert notifying them that they should ventilate their home.

Even if you feel like your local weather forecasts are good enough you can easily imagine this system becoming a useful addition to your home through linking to your smart thermostat or other connected monitoring systems to more efficiently manage energy usage based on actual conditions.

You can learn more details about the device and the cloud service at:

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Image Credits: Netatmo & Masaki Okumura